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Shani Shrignapur Temple 
Shani Shrignapur Temple is devoted to Hindu Lord Shani Dev, the personification of planet Saturn. It is a Jeet Devasthan (alive Temple), famous for the powers of Lord Shani, who is believed to dwell in a black stone till date. The Hindu God, embodying the planet Saturn is referred to as Swayambhu indicates that the Lord himself, has emerged in the form of the black stone. The trust of people in Lord Shani is so firm that there are no doors or locks in this village as people trust that Lord Shani is protecting their valuables from thieves.
Architecture, construction and main attractions –
 There are no roofs, doors or walls around in the Temple. There is a black stone which is five and a half feet high, symbolising Lord Shani, placed on an elevated platform.
 The idol is placed under the colossal open sky, which makes it unique. 
 Mustard oil is continuously poured from a copper vessel on the idol of Lord Shani Dev. 
 Images of Nandi, Hanuman and Shiva are also present.
 History of this place-
It is supposed that many years ago, a shepherd touched the black stone with a pointed rod which makes it bleed — this amazed everyone. Later, in the night, he saw Lord Shani Dev in his dream to tell him that the black stone is his Swayambhu form. He worshipped the Lord and asked if he has to build a temple for him. But, the Lord refused since the vast sky is the roof for him. Instead, Lord asked him to perform pooja daily and  #39;Tailabhisheka&#39; on every Saturday. He also affirmed that the village would not suffer any loss from thievery and loot.
Shri Shaneshwar Devasthan Trust manages the Prasadalaya, which offers good food to the devotees. 
Location –
 Shani Shignapur is situated at around 70 Km from the holy Shirdi. 
 It is located at a distance of 65 km from Shirdi in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.
Transportation to this place –
 One can easily go from Shirdi to the Temple by private cars or taxi or buses. 
 The nearest railway stations are in Rahuri, Ahmednagar, Shrirampur and Shirdi Railway Station. 
 The nearest airport is Aurangabad airport. 
Best time to visit the Shani Shrignapur Temple –
The best time to visit the Shani temple is from September to November. Usually, pilgrims
can do poojas and Abhishekams on any day. However, there are few days which are considered special.
1. Shani Amavasya: It is also known as a new moon day and is believed as the favourite day of Lord Shanaishwar. Thousands of devotees visit the Shani Shringapur Temple to worship Lord Shani. The idol is bathed in water, mustard oil and flowers. A procession of Lord Shanaishwar is also carried out on this auspicious day. 
2. Shri Shaneshchar Jayanti: The birthday of Lord Shani is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm on this day which is celebrated in the month of May.
Yet, Saturdays are considered to be auspicious as compared to other days.
Shani Shringrapur is of considerable significance among Aurangabad Tourist places. Many pilgrims include this holy place in their Aurangabad Tour packages. So plan your visit soon.