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Lonar Crater
Lonar crater is one of the distinguished travel destinations in Aurangabad this city is also the largest in Marathwada region. Aurangabad is famous for trade in silks and cotton. This city has a nickname called &quot;city of gates&quot;. The city is blended with Mughal art and culture. As what makes Lonar crater more attractive is its 5000 years old history and its mysterious vicinity. This tourist destination is a combination of science, religion and its charming beauty. The lake is surrounded in 6kms with all its typical beauty. The water in the lake is filled with saline mixed with alkaline by nature; this mystery is unique in India, not only India but around worldwide.
Location and main attractions
 As per the geological aspects his blue lagoon attracts more visitors every year. This prominent tourist destination in Aurangabad sits inside the Deccan Plateau where a massive volcanic blast rock created by eruption. This Lonar carter is brimmed with a lot of scientific facts. Thus this destination draws many visitors to this destination. This destination is rich in natural heritage.
 Lonar crater is the largest as well as the only saltwater lake in a basaltic rock on the earth.
Because of many unanswered questions, this lake even now became a big wonder on earth.
 This destination is a prominent Aurangabad tourist place in Maharasthra.
 This mysterious destination surrounded by dense forest is a place for rich flora and fauna.
 In the post-monsoon season, this destination and its vicinity turn pretty beautiful, and it will be a visual treat for the visitors.
 Along the lakeside visitors can see lots of migratory birds. Thus this destination became the best place for bird watchers and photo enthusiasts.
 The panoramic view of this destination is the best place for nature lovers and is a good spot for Instagrammers.
 There are many stone temples situated around this Lonar carter. These temples add more beauty to the destinations. Many of the temples in this place are ruined. These temples are also part of Indian history.
 In these dilapidated walls of the temples, visitors can spot many handmade crafts of gods and goddesses. They are Daitya Sudan temple of Lord Vishnu, Shankar, Ganesha temple; the peculiarity of this temple is it has an unconventional Shiva idol that is rectangular.
 Another interesting spot near this destination is Sita Nahani it is a typical freshwater stream. In the hectic time of your life, you would like to get rid of the heavy mess; you travel to a destination like Lonar carter.
 This tourist destination is a blend of mystery and beauty. This destination will deliver you a wonderful experience of entertainment.
 The lakes and its surroundings have a luring beauty which attracts all visitors. The temples around the destination, streams and dense forest add more colour to this beautiful destination.
 Lonar cater receives heavy rain, so the rainy season is the best time to visit this destination. At the same time in winter, you can travel to this destination to see the beauty of the green lake and its surroundings.
Transportation to the place
 Lonar crater is around 140 km away from Aurangabad central.

 The destination is connected with all the major cities through road and railways.
 Aurangabad airport is the closest one to Lonar carter. You can visit this destination through our Aurangabad tour packages and can enjoy the beauty of Lonar crater.

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