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Ghrishneshwar temple
Aurangabad is one of the prominent tourist destinations on Maharashtra. The land is marked for the traditional Mughal artworks and tradition as well as this city is the largest one in the Marathwada region.
This city was designed by Mughal Empire Aurangzeb in the 17th century. Around Aurangabad have more than 52 gates, so the city gets the nickname city of gates. The land is blessed with natural beauty.
Several lakes, caves, forts and many palaces will attract more tourists. Aurangabad listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites. Thus this land is protected by the Maharashtra government. Moreover, this Aurangabad is famous for silks and cotton. This city is booming like a big industrial smart city in India. 
Ghrishneshwar temple is a major pilgrim destination in Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra. The destination is around 20 kilometers away from the Daulatabad, and this pilgrim centre is the last out of all the twelve jyotirlingas in the country. This Shiva temple is very famous in around the country. This devotional structure is located around 1km from the renowned Ellora cave, and the temple is reconstructed by Rani Ahilyabai after destructuring during the Mughal period. This beautifully constructed temple structure with carvings and the calm ambience of the place will attract more tourists.
The charming vicinity of the temple adds more colours to the destination. This destination is a prominent Aurangabad tourist place in Maharashtra. 
Ghrishneshwar temple is famous in other names like Kusumeshwarar, Grushmeshwara and Ghushmeshwara. There is a wise saying that Lord Shiva resided here after being pleased with the devotion of Ghushma. The architectural design in the temple very much attracts the tourists. The
construction of the temples has many facts; in the hall of the temple contains 24 pillars, each pillar narrates stories of Lord Shiva. This will be a great experience for both travellers and devotees. In the temple, you can see the carvings of ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. Being located at the top of the Sahyadri hill, the view from the temple is mesmerizing. From the from visitors can see Ellora caves, Bibi Ka Makbara, Panchak etc. the scenery of the temple and its surroundings will be a visual treat for the visitors. 
This temple is a must to visit place for architecture lovers and devotes of Lord Shiva. This temple is listed in the UNESCO world heritage site. Thus this destination deserves more importance. The winter season is the best time to visit the destination. The warm climate in the winter gives a more energetic and devotional atmosphere to the destination. At night time, the beauty of the temple and its surrounding gives more beauty to the place.
Those tourists coming to visit the temple can reach from Aurangabad via road. The exact place is around 32 kilometers away from the city, and you can easily reach the destination through state transport buses and other private vehicles. This Girishneswar temple is a typically constructed in South Indian temple style and structure. You can have a visit using our Aurangabad tour packages and explore the alluring beauty of the destination and gain blessings from Lord Shiva. This destination will give you mind calmness and enjoyment alike.

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