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Ellora Caves, also known as Verul or Elura caves, built from the 600-1000 CE period are one of largest rock-cut monastery-temple cave complexes in the world featuring Buddhist, Hindu and Jain monuments and artwork.
Though people are allowed access to only 34 caves (12 Buddhist, 17 Hindu and five Jain), there are over 100 caves at the sites. Those 34 caves depict the deities, mythologies and monasteries of each respective religion and are a perfect example of religious harmony that existed in India.
Hindu dynasties like Rashtrakuta and Yadava constructed all of Ellora Caves, with Rashtrakuta building the Hindu and Buddhist part while Yadava constructed the Jain part.
Such is the beauty of these caves that today Ellora, along with Ajanta are a major tourist attraction and a protected monument under Archeological Survey of India. Ajanta Ellora Tours are very famous in India. These are now a famous spot amongst the Aurangabad tourist places.
Location of the Ellora Caves –
 Occupying a relatively flat rocky region of the Western Ghats, Where a basalt formation known as Deccan Traps has been formed due to volcanic activity. This activity mainly occurred during the cretaceous period. 
 The Ellora caves lie around 29 kilometres northwest of Aurangabad, about 100 kilometres west of the Ajanta caves, 235 kilometres from Pune and about 300 kilometres east-north-east of Mumbai.
 While visiting Ellora caves, one can also visit other famous attractions like the Daulatabad Fort, Khuldabad and Bhadra Maruti Mandir. 
Best time to visit the place –
Ajanta Ellora tours are very famous in all the Aurangabad Tour packages.
 The months between June to September, i.e. the monsoon season, are the best for visiting these caves. 
 Though the winter season (October to March) is great too. 
 Due to the summer heat, months like March, April and May should be avoided.
 The caves are open on all days except Tuesday.
Entry Fees –
For Indian, BIMSTEC and SAARC countries, the entry fee is Rs 40 per person while for
foreigners it is Rs 600.
How to reach this place?
The caves are accessible via train, roadways and airways. 
 The nearest airport to the Ellora caves is at a distance of 30 Km, i.e., in Aurangabad and has good connectivity to Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. 
 The closest rail route is the Aurangabad Railway Station. 
 Many private cars and taxis are available to be hired. By car, Ellora caves are just around 1.5-2 hrs away.

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