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Dnyaneshwar Udyan
Dnyaneshwar Udyan, also known as Jnaneshwar Udyan is a nursery in Maharashtra that resembles the Brindavan Gardens that are close to Mysore. Dnyaneshwar Udyan
is the biggest nursery in Maharashtra. It was constructed during the 1970s by the state government, adjoining the Nathsagar, the supply framed by the Jayakwadi Dam.
It is situated in the old town of Paithan situated 40 km south of Aurangabad.
Main attractions –
 Out of an area of 125 hectares, orchids spread 26 hectares, and 28 hectares are spread out as parks.
 Brilliant flowerbeds, huge gardens, and musical fountains are the attractions of the udyan.
 Ten courts and twenty-two wellsprings are included highlights.
 In excess of a hundred thousand trees, notwithstanding the forty thousand natural product trees are the pride of the nursery.
 There is a nursery selling saplings and flavors.
 A children&#39;s play zone, pool, and boat rides make this spot perfect for the weekend picnics. Evenings are the best time to visit the Dnyaneshwar Udyan. 
It is called so after the saint, Jnaneshwar, whose local town was close to Paithan. In Maharashtra, Paithan was home to the great Maharashtra saint Eknath, whose &quot;samadhi&quot; can be found in Dnyaneshwar Udyan. 
Dnyaneshwar Udyan is situated at the reservoir framed by the previously mentioned Jayakwadi Dam. This is one of the best Aurangabad tourist places. For some, it serves as an energetic outing spot while for others a birdies hotspot – Jayakwadi Dam is an excellent monsoon retreat that is a treat to the senses. Constructed over the Godavari River with a reason to tackle the water system issue in the locale, Jayakwadi Dam is encompassed by the rich backwoods that turns into a hub for the migratory birds, particularly during the monsoon season. An invite backup is a flavorful food that one can appreciate at any of the food stalls near the dam. Likewise, a nursery encompasses the zone that frequently stays swarmed with families to enjoy the excursion. After a break at the Jayakwadi Dam, visitors can go out to investigate the Paithan, which is scarcely a kilometre or two away. In the former period, Paithan was the capital of the Satavahana Empire of ancient India that administered from the
second century BC to second century AD. It is said that Paithan was worked by the King Ila, the leader of Bahlika. The same King Ila who figured out how to remain as man and lady on every alternate month. He would not recollect occasions of one phase in the other. Natha Sagar supply and the Dnyaneshwar Garden are some of the well-known spots one should visit here. 
The pool of Nathsagar spread more than 350 km² is a sanctuary for migratory flamingos and different birds. From the rest house here, guests can appreciate a praiseworthy view of the birds in their normal living space. Male Masjid (or Mosque) is close to the garden, and it is where the wedding between Emperor Akbar&#39;sAkbar&#39;s child, Danial, and the princess of Bijapur occurred. 
Transportation to the place
 Aurangabad Railway Station is the closest to this place. It is just 50 km away from these Aurangabad tourist places. 

 Aurangabad Airport is just 50 km from here. 
 Railway Stations Connecting Paithan Mukundwadi Halt, Maharashtra,
Aurangabad District, Aurangabad.
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