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Daulatabad Fort
Daulatabad Fort is a historical monument that is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. This is one of the best Aurangabad tourist places. Worked in the 12th century by the Yadava Dynasty, the Daulatabad Fort lives on the Hill of Gods or Devagiri in Marathi, and henceforth it is otherwise called Devagiri or Deogiri Fort. By the mid 14th century, Mohammed-bin Tughlak moved his capital from Old Delhi to Devagiri and renamed it as Daulatabad or the City of Fortune or which is alternatively known as Abode of Wealth. In his enthusiastic endeavour, he requested numerous individuals from his courts in Delhi to move to Devagiri as well. The individuals who denied were tormented and compelled to move or executed. This decision was not great. Devagiri needed more water to help the working of a capital city and had to be abandoned. Thereafter, the Tughlak king at that point moved the capital back to Old Delhi, numerous Muslims who had relocated from Delhi liked to remain back in Devagiri, away from the cruel king. This is said to have offered shape to the one of a kind demography of the region. In later years, Mughal rulers found interest in Devagiri Fort&#39;s remarkable military building, town arranging, and its castles and made it their summer residence. The control of the fort likewise went under the control of Marathas for a brief period. As a fort city, the site covers a gigantic zone and will require anyplace between a couple of hours to an entire day, entirely depending upon your advantage. It is situated around 20 km northwest from Aurangabad. Visit this one of the great Aurangabad tourist places right away.
The fort had the following specialities which are recorded alongside their advantages :
1. No separate exit from the fortress, just one passageway/exit – This is intended to befuddle the enemy soldiers to get lost deep into the fort looking for an exit, at their own risk.
2. No parallel doors – This is intended to break the force of the attacking armed force. Likewise, the flag mast is on the left slope, which the adversary will attempt to capitulate, hence will consistently turn left. In any case, the genuine doors of the fortification are on the privilege and the false ones on the left, in this manner confusing the enemy.
3. Spikes on the doors – In the time before explosive, intoxicated elephants were utilized as a battering ram to tear open the entryways. The nearness of spikes guaranteed that the elephants died due to the damage. Aurangabad tour guide provides you with the best Aurangabad tour packages.
4. Complex plan of passages bent walls, false gates – Designed to confuse the
enemies, false, however well-structured doors on the left side attracted the enemy soldiers in and caught them inside, in the end feeding them to crocodiles.
5. The slope is moulded like a smooth tortoise back – this counteracted the
utilization of mountain lizards as climbers since they can&#39;t adhere to it.
You must visit Daulatabad fort once to appreciate the beauty of the architecture of the fort. Moreover, the view that you get after climbing to the top of the fort is unbelievably amazing.
Entry Fees
 The charge to visit per person for Indians is Rs. 30/- and for foreigners is Rs. 300/-. Children below 15 years have free entry.
 Daulatabad Fort is 14 kilometres from Aurangabad, the street which further proceeds for Ellora, you can likewise do Ellora and Daulatabad in 1 day or you can see Daulatabad in 1 day.

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